Trading Guide​

◆Digital dyeing production◆

It's printed by inkjet printer that used sublimation transfer printing.


◆Super high-resolution color◆

These can stand up to lots of washings. Also,It's hard to discolor,lose shape eather.
These printed tights are high color development,and high quality.

It's durable and comfortable to wear.This Product made in japan of the relief.



80 denier/ 35 denier
Polyester 91%   Urethane 9%


◆About design◆

It's completely exclusive original production.
they have the concept of original legs in Mad science.
We request of various creators to configure designs
for various points of view.We pursue possibility of tights.

◆About package◆

We send it in plastic pouch.We add value the product.


Q: I'm not confident in my legs, can I get in even if I'm thicker?

A: Since we use a high quality Japanese tights base, they have good elasticity. A male ballet dancer once wore them in a show at our shop, and they went in with plenty of room on his hard-muscled thighs and didn't interfere with his movements.

Q: How should I do my laundry? Is there any color transfer?

A: Since the color scheme is a digital print, there is almost no color fading or color migration from the tights.Put it in a net and normal washing is sufficient. As expected, do not use bleach, as the color will fade.

Product transactions Guide​

Would you like to sell them in your store?

★Terms and Conditions of Sale★

Consignment sales and purchase agreements are available.

Transactions are subject to the following conditions.

:You are running your own store or on the web.

:The phone number for shop inquiries is listed on the web or exclusively for stores.

:There is a representative and a monthly aggregate survey.

The opening of trading is subject to review and the completion of a registration sheet.

​If this is your first time dealing with us, we may ask you to start with a purchase. 

You can also purchase in bulk for teams, events, etc.

★Conditions for bulk purchases★​

・I want to use it in a performance for a stage or costume!
・I want to use it for my team and company!

:Discounts are available for orders of 10 pairs or more.

​:You can provide the purpose of use, the name of the team and the name of the representative.

:Shipping is a flat rate of 1100 yen (tax included) per shipment.

:3,300 yen for international shipping

​:We accept credit card payment, PayPal payment, and cash transfer, and will send the payment confirmation later after we receive your order.






​If you would like to purchase more than 50 pairs, please contact us.

​​*If you need it, please contact us as soon as possible, as we may need to wait for your order.

★For inquiries about press releases★

We are also available for magazine listings and costume leasing.

We will lend you a sample product, so please observe the lease period and return of the product.

:Store lease available

:Please call us to make a reservation for the time you wish to visit us, or if you want to fly in, please call us.

03-6428-7040(We are available after business hours. Please be sure to leave a message .)​

:Leases can also be sent in. You will be responsible for shipping costs.

★OEMs are available!★​

We can produce uniforms and licensed items for teams and organizations, as well as collaboration products.

​<Production images and examples>

​Contact the Nude SOX

Contact us for wholesale, bulk purchases for teams and organizations, press releases, product leasing, OEMs, and collaborative products.



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